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    frigidaire-heating-installationLiving in Colorado you may think that it would be hard to find someone to replace your heater. It’s actually very easy to find someone as Groulx Mechanical Heating & Cooling is around to provide you with top grade Longmont Heating Installations. Start seeking a new and efficient heating system for the home and have the professionals install it for you. Our Longmont Heating Contractor has all that you need and can meet your heating expectations. Call for yours today and start living with heat, that doesn’t require repairs, all winter long.

    What can a new heater do for you and your home? Well without feeling like it is Christmas every day; a new heater will also lower your energy bills. You’ll watch them go from high to low in a matter of no time whatsoever.


    Advantages of Professional Heating Task

    You’ll tend to get a lot out of your heater whenever you utilize our professional service. In Colorado it can go from fall right into winter very quickly and you need to be ready for it. We’ll have you set up before the temps even drop a degree and deliver the following to you through a new heating system:

    • Safe environment
    • Cozy and warm home
    • Decrease energy bills
    • Electric


    Baseboard Heating

    Professional installations actually cost a lot lower than doing them on your own. Electric baseboard heating deals in electricity and should always be done by a licensed and insured professional. The advantage to these types of heating is that it offers a balanced comfort to each room that it’s installed in.


    Water Based Central Systems

    Central heating involves a lot of work as radiators, pipes and a central boiler need to be installed. The task may take many days as it all depends on the size of the home. There are some homeowners that do not like radiators as they take up a large amount of space. Once the system is installed though; the unit costs next to nothing to run per month.


    Forced Air Systems

    A forced air system uses a central furnace. The air is pushed around the home using a series of ducts. It is a very extensive installation which will take more than one working day to do. These systems in Longmont run off of different fuel sopurces:

    • Oil
    • Gas
    • Electric

    When you’re ready to tackle your heating problem, call Groulx Mechanical Heating & Cooling. We can have your heater installed without any glitches. That’s because our heating installation are always done by professionals who are well educated in their trade. You won’t worry again whenever you hire us for the job.


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