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Firestone Heating & CoolingDo you find it hard to find a really good repair company in Firestone? No more worries as Groulx Mechanical Heating & Cooling be your HVAC techs of choice. From complicated boiler systems repairs to heat pumps installations, our HVAC Contractor can do them for you quickly and quietly.

Our Firestone HVAC Contractor also offers indoor air quality services that you can take advantage of as well. Indoor air quality and HVAC systems usually go hand-in-hand as heaters and cooling systems have a tendency to pollute the air inside of homes whenever they are not maintained.

How many times have you found it hard to breathe; only to find that the AC has been running all day long? This is so many homeowners suffer from chest and nasal congestion. The problem could be a dirty filter.

Air pollution can become your worst nightmare. There are many health complications that can derive from systems that lack maintenance and are not repaired when having problems. Health problems such as asthma and watery eyes come from homes where the duct system hasn’t been cleaned in years.


Firestone Air Conditioning

Air conditioning repairs don’t just take place by inexperienced contractors. They come from qualified technicians. Groulx Mechanical Heating & Cooling does repairs as we are skilled and possess knowledge in all areas of HVAC. When you want the very best in repairs you’ll get them from our air conditioning company.

Reasons to repair your air conditioner:

  • Energy usage increased
  • Reduced comfort level
  • Sudden spike in utility bills

You should be concerned about these problems as repairs can eliminate them. Whenever you don’t feel relaxed inside your home, it’s time that you called the HVAC experts. We offer solutions for your cooling needs.


Firestone Heating

Do you know where to have your heater repaired? You call Groulx Mechanical Heating & Cooling. We possess the experience and knowledge that it takes to work on many of today’s modern systems. You can trust that you’ll always be in good hands.

If you have ever had to suffer from a heating problem, then you realize how cold it was in the home. The waiting period was probably the hardest part while waiting for a repair team to arrive. That’s not going to happen whenever you hire us for the job.

We respect the home just like it was our own and will arrive on time. Your home’s heating systems is very important to us and that’s why we will treat it with much deserved respect. We’re the heating company that rushes to your needs and delivers better comfort in the home and won’t charge you an arm and a leg to do so.

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