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    frigidaire-furnace-replacementNo matter where you live in Colorado, heating the home tends to get pricier each year. That’s because fuel prices are on the rise and the economy has remained stagnant. You can do everything in your power in order to make the home more energy efficient, but unless you get a Longmont furnace replacement from Groulx Mechanical Heating & Cooling, you won’t save a dime. Our professional Longmont Heating Contractor can guarantee that you’ll save more with a replacement. Call to save the fate of your home today!

    Before purchasing an older home; make sure that the furnace was kept up to date. This will save you a lot of money because an old heater is nothing but a huge waste of energy. There are lots of benefits to having a new furnace like better control over the temperatures inside the home.


    Enhanced Air Quality

    Replacing the furnace, gas or electric, in Longmont can enhance the air quality in your home. If you have been suffering from allergies such as itchy eyes and dry mouth then no longer will you feel those problems any longer with a replacement.


    Decreased Energy Bills

    Time could be ruining out if you have been debating buying a new furnace. It may still be warm outside but the temperatures are going to get cold soon. A new furnace will cause a significant drop to your energy bills.


    Safe to Run

    Sometimes an older furnace can leak carbon monoxide, a silent killer. That’s because an older unit cannot process the contaminants like a new one can. You won’t have to suffer through longer periods of waiting for the heat to kick on either.


    Lower Maintenance Cost

    A replacement furnace is a lot lighter on the pockets. Some even come with a pretty nice warranty too. With valid warranties and lower heating costs, you won’t have to worry about the maintenance or hefty repair bills.


    Bigger Value of Home

    If you do not plan on staying in the home for life, then you should have your furnace exchanged. It will certainly help sell the home a lot faster. It can also increase the resell value of the home too.



    The benefits of a new heating system surely outweigh any disadvantages. You’ll find that it’s going to deliver better comfort in the home and restored assurance in the fact that the heating system has fewer breakdowns.

    Benefits of a new system:

    • Lower energy bills
    • Steady temperatures inside home
    • Little to no maintenance

    If you think you’ll fare better with a furnace replacement, contact the professional experts at Groulx Mechanical Heating & Cooling. It’s our goal to get you a working furnace that delivers better comfort and all around warmth.


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