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Do You Need a Heating & Air Conditioning Company in Louisville?

Louisville Heating & CoolingIf you have been in Louisville for a while then chances are that you have heard of Groulx Mechanical Heating & Cooling. We are a team of HVAC Contractors that do all sorts of repair and replacement services. Our repairs are so good that they keep your heating and cooling devices running for a long time without problems.

Don’t miss out on our HVAC repairs or replacements. If you have a non-working heater or AC; we want to hear about it because it’s what we do best. Our Louisville HVAC Contractor is very affordable and only phone call away. You’ll be pleased to know that our residential services are backed by a 100% guarantee!

Its guarantees like that that keeps our customers coming back time and time again. What have you got to lose? Call us; it’s free to do that! We’re professionals, prompt and always ready to take on your HVAC challenges.

HVAC problems happen daily even when they’re not being used. The best time of year to have a tune-up done is before winter on your heating system and before summer on your AC. . A tune-up can preserve your system for life.


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Don’t wait for you cooling system to spill out its last breath of air. This is what most homeowners do as they become upset when we tell them that they need to replace. The only way to prevent an early replacement is through a tune-up.

What an air conditioning tune-up entails:

  • Thermostat calibrated
  • Refrigerant pressure monitored
  • Safety controls checked

An inspection by our air conditioning company will keep your unit running for a longer period of time. Preventative maintenance is what it demands as opposed to needing replaced. Replacing a unit can become very expensive.


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A geothermal heat pump can modify the temperatures in your home instantly. They have a lower operating cost and are quiet while in operation. Think of it like this; even the most efficient gas furnace only offers an efficiency rating of 94%.

The geothermal heat pump has an efficiency rating of 400%. It’s really hard to beat as far as heating goes. Call us if your unit ever stops working. We do heating repairs so that you can have a home that is warmer and a lot cozier.

A heat pump isn’t going to interrupt your favorite show while trying to turn on nor will it kicks on and frighten you in your sleep. Groulx Mechanical Heating & Cooling are highly educated techs in both air conditioning and heating repairs. Call and let our heating company take care of your system.

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