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Spectacular Longmont Air Conditioning Tune Ups

Longmont Air Conditioning Tune-UpRegular air conditioning maintenance is the only way to prevent hefty air conditioning repair bills. Maintenance can also prevent you from having to replace your system prematurely. There are many reasons and benefits to having an Longmont Air Conditioning Tune Up done in your home. Call Groulx Mechanical Heating & Cooling today to schedule for maintenance. Our Longmont Air Conditioning Contractor will make sure that your home is cooler this year and you have a longer lasting AC system that won’t nickel and dime you to dearth.


Conservation for Your System

We all expect for our cooling systems to last forever but the cold truth is; without scheduled maintenance, it won’t last as long as you’d think it would. Most AC systems last around 15 years. The overall performance of an AC depends on how much time and efforts put into it.


The Lifespan of Most Systems

As mentioned earlier; the lifespan of a system all depends on how much maintenance goes into it. One can last 10-15 years with minimal maintenance. Regular inspection and maintenance will cause your AC system to last longer than the expiration date.



Atune-up in Longmont goes through a rigorous28-point checklist. This is done by licensed and well trained professionals. It will help your system and for us to see where any needed repairs or replacements is needed. The following areas are checked:

  • Coils
  • Evaporator
  • Refrigerant level
  • Filters


AC Systems

There are lots of air-conditioners for the home nowadays. It is vital to be careful when seeking a professional for maintenance due to the type you possess. The following are different types of systems found in most homes in Colorado:

  • Split
  • Packaged
  • Central
  • Window



Scheduled maintenance for your air conditioner makes the home bearable during the humid months of summer. Maintenance also helps to lower utility bills. By paying lower monthly bills; you’ll be able to focus on other things.

Benefits of a tune up:

  • Decreased utility bills
  • No more repair bills
  • Consistently temperatures


Decreased in Utility Bills

One of the biggest benefits that you will find with a regularly scheduled tune-up is a decrease in the utility bills. Your AC will last a lot longer too. Significantly decreasing the energy usage problem in home will ensure comfort.

When seeking someone to perform an air-conditioning tune-up; look to the experts from Groulx Mechanical Heating & Cooling. We’ll help uphold the right level of coolness you need while keeping the family healthy because a hot home is like baking in an oven. The coolness level will be what you desire to eliminate these and many other problems.


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