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    Longmont Heat Pump Repairs for Your Home

    Longmont Heat Pump RepairsA heat pump is one of the most important components. That’s because when it’s working properly, it can deliver the best type of heat possible. Call Groulx Mechanical Heating & Cooling for Longmont Heating Pump Repairs. When you’re encountering problems with your system there’s no one better to troubleshoot them. Our repairs are done by Longmont Heating Contractors who have experience and are trained to seek out repairs thoroughly. We won’t leave you without a working heater all winter long. As soon as you call, we can attend to your heating needs.

    Heat is what we want delivered from our systems. Groulx Mechanical Heating & Cooling will troubleshoot your heat pump. This will ensure that it’s repaired professionally. The thermostat can at times be the reason why your system isn’t working. Make sure that you have your thermostat set on “Heat: when attempting to run.



    Your heat pump in Longmont operates as an air conditioner and a heater. It has dual functions which is why it breaks down sometimes. When you experience problems with your pump, you’re going to need professionals to take a look at it.


    Fan Problems

    Sometimes when the fan stops running; that’s a clear indication that you need repairs. If the reason for the system to stop running is not caused by a tripped breaker then it may be any of the following:

    • Poor wiring
    • Blower
    • Control board



    One of the advantages to having a heat pump is that you can run it all year long. It’s not just a heater nor is it solely an AC. Although they are more so used in the fall and winter; they can still be taken advantage of in the spring and summer months.


    Cons of Heat Pump

    As there are many advantages of having a heat pump in the home, there are also some disadvantages. One of the things to look for are when the temps get low outdoors. It can cause your system to malfunction and an alternative heat source be brought in.


    Dually Functioning

    A heat pump is one appliance worth having in the home. Of course you’re going to encounter problems with it, but just like everything else; you’ll need repairs for it from professionals. They work on your pump both indoors and out as there are two parts to it.

    Do you have a heat pump repairs that you need taken care of? If so call Groulx Mechanical Heating & Cooling. It’s our goal to provide you with safe and reliable repairs. Your home won’t be cold for very long whenever you have us take care of your heating needs.


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    If you are looking for Longmont Heat Pump Repairs then please call 720-329-3429 or complete our online request form.

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