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The Most Common Air Conditioning Problems (And How to Solve Them)


Air conditioners keep your home comfortable throughout the summer months, and most of the time, you don’t need think about twice about it. However, just like all major appliances, the machinery of your air conditioner can develop problems, and no matter how small or large those problems are, they will have a huge effect on your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

At Groulx Mechanical Heating & Cooling, our Longmont HVAC contractors will be able to quickly and accurately repair any problems that you encounter with your air conditioning system. We also offer maintenance services to help you prevent these problems from occurring.

Some AC problems can be taken care of without professional assistance, but others should always be handled by an experienced contractor, and it’s important for homeowners to know the difference.

Here are a few common air conditioning problems and how to handle them:

The Unit Won’t Turn On

When your air conditioner won’t turn on, the first thing that you should do is make sure that the thermostat is set correctly. If that’s the problem, then the solution is simple. Check your Longmont home’s thermostat and ensure that it’s set to the "cooling" position. If you have an automated thermostat, check to make sure that it’s not set to be off during the time that you’re trying to use your AC.

There’s also a chance that your thermostat needs to be re-calibrated, which will require professional assistance.

If the problem isn’t with your thermostat, it may be that your air conditioner isn’t receiving any electricity. Check to see if your circuit breaker has tripped. If the breaker trips repeatedly, don’t continue to turn it back on, and call a professional for repairs as soon as possible.

The AC Is Blowing Warm Air

If your air conditioner blows warm air, you may simply need to clean or change your filters. If that’s the case, then your AC is actually producing cold air, but it’s not being distributed throughout your Longmont home properly. You should clean or change your air filters at least once every three months during the cooling season.

If the filters have been changed or cleaned, your outdoor unit may not be running. If that’s the case, call our contractors for an inspection of your home’s air conditioning system.

Your AC Unit Is Frozen

Any number of problems could cause your air conditioning system to freeze. One possible cause is improper air flow, which prevents air conditioners from functioning properly. You should clean or change your filters regularly and ensure that the air conditioner’s coils are free of dirt, debris, and other obstructions in order to make sure that the system has proper air flow. You may be able to clear away some debris on your own, but you should also have a professional clean your ducts regularly.

If you’re looking for AC repairs in Longmont, call Groulx Mechanical Heating & Cooling at 720-329-3429, or fill out our online request form.

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