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What You Need to Know About Proper Air Duct Maintenance

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What You Need to Know About Proper Air Duct MaintenanceMultiple times throughout the day, air circulates through the air ducts of your HVAC heating and cooling system and is distributed into every room in your home. As the air passes through the all checkpoints, it gathers dust and debris from numerous sources and locations. Each time the time air circulates your furnace filter catches more and more dirt and grime. Eventually the duct system needs or it will continue to push dirty air through your home. Although there is no hard evidence to support the claim that there is a link between a dirty duct and health problems, there plenty of research on the correlation between a dirty duct and poorly running air conditioning equipment. Groulx Mechanical Heating & Cooling can inspect and preform Air Duct Cleaning in your Longmont home to keep your indoor air quality in good condition.


Dirty Duct Work and Health Risks

The latest research suggests there is no proof of a connection between dirty AC systems and poor health. Each person or family responds to dust and dirt in their home, however, and some people are more sensitive to airborne dust and pet dander than others. So while there may be no threat of a dirty AC to your health, it is always a good policy to breathe the cleanest air possible in your home. Clean air is simply better for you and your family. In addition having your air duct cleaned, you may want to consider air cleaners or humidifiers as an option for creating a pure air environment in your home.


Symptoms of Dirty Duct Work

There are plenty of signs that your air conditioning system is dirty and needs to be cleaned. For instance, you may notice clogs of dust, cobwebs, heavy dust, or noticeable particles blowing out of the AC unit or the vents. A sure sign that your duct work needs serious clean is visible mold on the inside surfaces of ducts. Rodent droppings and dead insects inside ducts are indicators that not only is your duct system dirty, but there are also tears, or openings in the duct work itself that is big enough for infestation. Once the duct work is torn, polluted air from the attic or other areas can easily get in making the air even more dirty.


The Benefits of Routine Maintenance

The first thing you’ll notice when you have your duct work cleaned is that dust and dirt will not accumulate as quickly as before. This creates and overall cleaner atmosphere and environment for every room in your home. Removing debris and cobwebs, unclogs you duct passageways and allows the air to flow much easier. This improves overall efficiency of the system by up to 30% or more. Another benefit to having clean duct work is having a cleaner system which means that the need for maintenance and needs will decrease. This will save you money.


Hire A Professional for Cleaning

One of the questions you may ask yourself is whether you can clean the duct work yourself or would hiring a professional be a better choice. Considering the time involved, the cost, supplies, and the quality of labor, hiring a professional would be a much greater investment. A professional has the training the and expertise to know exactly how to clean your duct system and give you the results that you’re looking for. They can also identify problems with your system and provide you with the best solutions on how to fix or repair them.

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