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The weather in Longmont, Colorado is a clear 64 degrees Fahrenheit today. With 0% precipitation, 25% humidity, and a low 7 mph wind, a great afternoon can be planned. Tomorrow, though is a different story, with 34 degrees as a high and precipitation at 60%, we’ll be sure to see some snowfall before midnight.

Colorado is a beautiful place to live, but we do experience some cold weather here. Heating repair and maintenance are important services if you live in the state.

Homes in our area have furnaces that can put out some good heat but when they break down, the homeowner could be in trouble.

Being without heat can lead eventually to death, but can cause a lot of suffering in between. Many people are caught in the cold and don’t realize just how dangerous of a situation they are in. So if at any time you are exposed to our cold weather, please take shelter somewhere, and be sure to travel with means to help yourself if you vehicle gets stuck.

Frostbite is a serious health problem. It is a sign that your skin and tissues are dying. If you are stuck in the cold, watch for these signs:

  • Stinging
  • Burning
  • Numbness
  • Discoloration in skin
  • Pain
  • Throbbing
  • Electric like current sensations

With first degree frost bite, the skin normally turns white and becomes numb, or sometimes the skin is just red.

Your skin can recover if the frostbite does not go too deep. But the longer you remain exposed to the cold, the worse the frostbite will get.

Frostbite happens when your body is unprotected and exposed to freezing temperatures. Ice crystals form within your tissues and the cells and blood vessels become damaged, no longer able to circulate warm blood from your heart.

Blood clots can also form in the small blood vessels. If this happens, there is less chance the blood and oxygen will be circulated to the area.

In the worst cases, frostbite will cause loss of the tissues affected. The quicker you get away from the cold, the better off you are.

Those with health problems like narrowing of the arteries, diabetes, or other circulatory problems are at serious risk for frostbite if exposed. Also, certain medication can narrow arteries, such as beta-blockers taken for high blood pressure or heart conditions.

So remember, if you’re furnace goes out and needs repair, you’ll want to get it fixed right away. Our professional repair team is standing by to help you. Be sure you’re prepared for any situation where you could have to suffer in the cold, whether you’re traveling or staying home.

If you need Emergency Furnace Repairs in Weld County or Boulder County, call 720-329-3429. Or to learn more about our regular furnace services, complete our online request form.

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