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Ways in Which to Keep Your Home Warm this Winter in Longmont

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Ways in Which to Keep Your Home Warm this Winter in Longmont Winter is always around the corner especially in Longmont. It seems that summer is shirt and winters are long. You need to prep the home for winter’s return but how? Do you have a plan for keeping the home warm? Learning simple tips will keep the home warmer and the temperatures more consistent around the house.


Tips for keeping the home warm:

  • Plastic over windows
  • Keep doors and windows closed
  • Keep blinds and curtains open for natural heat
  • Wear socks
  • Make sure thermostat is working

During the long winter months, many homeowners have found their electrical and gas bills higher than in the summer. This tends to be an inconvenience for some. There’s good news though; you don’t have to live with high electric bills as there are ways to combat the problem.


Tips on keeping you electric bills low:

  • Look at appliance rating for energy efficiency
  • Make sure doors and windows are sealed
  • Use heater only during peak rate times

When it comes to your heater, you need to stay on top of things in order for it to work when you need it to. This is the reason for heating repairs. Repairs to the furnace will ensure its function and provide all around warmth into the home.

It will never fail; just when you thought you got ahead of your heater, it will clunk out on you. You need repairs in order to prevent your family from freezing to death. You’ll find that the most common of problems for a heater are:

  • Thermostat
  • Air flow limitations
  • Clogged filters

The thermostat may not have anything to do with the furnace itself but still in the heating. Whenever the thermostat stops working, this will make it seem as though the furnace itself is not working. You’ll know whenever there’s no heat flow.

One of the most common problems is a clogged filter. A clogged filter can hinder the functioning of the heater. This is why you need to keep an eye out for dirty and clogged filters. When debris gets into the fans, it can get into the motor.

Airflow coming through a system needs to be done without any obstructions. Airflow is necessary in keeping the system working. When something gets clogged in the fan, belts or vents; it can be game over for you heater.

For details on how to take advantage of the services from Groulx Mechanical Heating & Cooling, call them at 720-329-3429 to schedule repairs. Your home will be cozier this winter!

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