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We often neglect the fact that 80% of the reason why most of us get sick is due to the poor air quality inside many of our homes. When you’re in need of Longmont Indoor Air Quality Services; there is only one company to go with and that’s Groulx Mechanical Heating & Cooling. We offer many products to help keep the home environment safe and clean.

In order to improve the comfort of your home and health; we offer effective in-home solutions. Our solutions come with a guarantee and will create improved comfort indoors. They will also eliminate allergens and dust build-up that lurks within.

Contact Longmont HVAC Contractor today to schedule a free, no obligation appointment. We want to show you why you’re having problems and the products and services that can get rid of them. There’s absolutely no reason to suffer from headaches and dizziness any longer

When most people want to improve the quality of air inside their homes, they go with Groulx Mechanical Heating & Cooling. We have been around and have the expertise to make your home comfortable and lower your energy bills. Now how can you beat that?


Air Cleaners

Air Cleaners Longmont

The effects of indoor air pollution can range from short to long term. This all depends on the maintenance that has gone into a duct system along with your HVAC components. Without air cleaners, the following respiratory problems are commonly associated with poor indoor air quality: coughing,, sneezing and watery eyes.
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Longmont Humidifiers

Whole home humidifiers can also help reduce energy costs in Longmont. By keeping the humidity level in the home healthy; your body will feel comfortable. Then more humidity there is in a home; the warmer your body is going to feel. Dry air tends to make the body feel cooler than it actually is. You won’t need to set your thermostat as high as it’s been in the past.
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